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Collective Utility Management is a family driven company established in 2007 to help landlords and management companies cope with their metering needs.
All work is done by our own technicians (no contractors) and we strive to provide service excellence in an environment were service is sadly lacking.

We are based in the south of Johannesburg and service the greater Gauteng and Vaal Triangle.

Our motto as company:
We are big enough to accommodate you, yet small enough to appreciate you.

Our Services

There are two types of utility companies:

Meter reading company:

The name says it all. These companies read the various meters and supply the landlord with a consumption report.

Utility Management Company:

This covers the whole process of metering. Starting at technical investigations, reading of meters, issuing of accounts, credit control, etc. The whole process of metering is managed.


  • Electrical
  • Water and sewer


  • Council Accounts
  • Water leaks
  • Meter tampering
  • Over/under recovering
  • Tenant queries

Full metering

  • Complete technical investigation of electricity network of building
  • See that all tenants are metered and install meters were necessary
  • Read all meters on a monthly basis (no interims)
  • Capture relevant data and process tenant accounts
  • E-mail and hand deliver accounts to tenants
  • Collect monies from tenants and credit control
  • Analyse tenant accounts and compare with municipality account
  • Pay relevant supply authority (proof of payment to landlord)
  • Handle tenant queries
  • Replace faulty meters where necessary at own cost

Partial metering

  • Complete management as in full metering except the financials
  • Tailor made to suit landlord/management company requirements
  • Export and upload of data to relevant management programme
  • Replace faulty meters – cost to landlord

Why use Collective Utility Management

The one factor that makes our company stand out is – service.
Other reasons to use CUM:

Advantages to the tenant:

  • Accurate monthly readings – no interims
  • Handle utility queries at tenants place of business – no queue
  • Professional service and advice
  • Receive detailed accounts
  • Use prescribed tariffs laid down by the supply authority – no hidden costs

Advantages to landlord/management company:

  • Focus on your core business
  • Eliminate costs while adding value to your company
  • Have skills in utility management
  • Maximise over recovery by using prescribed tariff structure of the relevant supply authority
  • Pay nothing for our services (over recovery pays for services)
  • Handle all tenant queries
  • Verify correctness of local supply authority account
  • Handle utility queries with council
  • Handle all credit control (full metering)
  • No risk of tenant non payment – we take full responsibility (full metering)

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